Innovation Express 2015

Der er bevilget to nye Innovation Express til FoodNetwork:

  1. Enhancing market competitiveness in food SME´s - Develop new methodologies and better interaction. Between Ideon Agro Food (Se), FoodNetwork (Dk), Vidzeme (Lv), Matis (Is) and Foodwest (Fi)
    Abstract: The main objective will be to bring companies together based on similar business activities. The participating countries may have varying areas of competence in the fruit and berry segment. A spin off from the international meetings will be possibilities to reach new markets with very specific request. The companies can also find B2B possibilities within a new country both through producing and selling opportunities.
    Project management FoodNetwork: AgroTech v/Dorte Petersen

  2. Inter cluster cooperation on healthy and functional foods between AINS (E) and FoodNetwork (DK)
    Abstract: Contact and study trip for Danish companies within the field of healthy and functional foods to the Spanish cluster AINS with the purpose to create business relations and exchange experiences on technology, raw materials, nutritional facts, scientific evidences, legislation and other issues concerning these products.
    Project management FoodNetwork: VIFU v/Anni Simonsen

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