Food Tech – new, sustainable and safe processing technologies

The food sector is facing a massive challenge when it comes to productivity – the production processes need to be renewed and automated, whilst maintaining focus on food safety and sustainability. FoodNetwork focuses on strengthening the development of new processing technologies with sustainable productivity growth, flexibility and hygienic design.

FoodNetwork facilitates the interaction between equipment manufacturers, food companies and research and knowledge institutions, which is crucial to the creation of innovation, growth and optimisation based on processing technology.

Specific project activities:

Testing and validation of the cleanability of surfaces in open processing equipment

There are well-documented and internationally recognised methods in place today for the testing and validation of cleaning and disinfection of closed equipment, while this is not yet the case for open processing equipment. The work on this involves developing reliable methods for testing cleanability and validation of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in open processing equipment in close cooperation with the industry. The result will be a strengthening of the competencies of Danish equipment manufacturers, ensuring improved processing hygiene and the development of improved and resource-saving cleaning procedures.

Center for Hygienic Design at DTU (Technical University of Denmark) is responsible for the project management. If you would like to find out more, please contact Lissi Holm - - +45 4525 2558

Training and maintenance in hygienic design

There is an ongoing need to ensure that everyone associated with food production receives continuous training, be they equipment manufacturers, tradesmen, installers, cleaning staff or, of course, food manufacturers. So, there is a continuous focus on the development of new training programmes such as the food sector’s “Håndværkerdiplom” (tradesman diploma), the updating of existing hygienic design courses and the development of new courses based on the latest knowledge about the design, operation and maintenance of hygienic processing plants.

Staalcentrum is responsible for project management. If you would like to find out more, please contact Alan Friis – - +45 4248 2482